Hsiao-Fang Lee

Hsiao-Fang Lee

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Hsiao-Fang Lee is a former professional dancer with over 20 years of teaching experience including: dance, stretching, pilates, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® methods.  In 1997, she earned her Master's degree in dance from American University (Washington, D.C.).


After studying and later teaching pilates, Hsiao-Fang soon discovered and became fascinated with the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, developed by Juliu Horvath.   After having regular sessions and seeing how beneficial GYROTONIC®  exercise was and how it began to change her body in new ways - increasing her flexibility, toning and lengthening her muscles, as well as her cardio vascular stamina, she knew she had to become a GYROTONIC® instructor herself!


Hsiao-Fang Lee is a GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and GYROTONIC® Master Trainer.  She has extensive training with all aspects of the GYROTONIC® system, including GYROKINESIS®,  GYROTONIC® Level I and Level II, GYROTONIC® application for golfers, all therapeutic applications from Paul Horvath, Ladder, Jumping Stretching Board and GYROTONER®, Leg Extension Unit and Archway.


Hsiao-Fang has studied under the direction of Juliu Horvath himself, and received her GYROKINESIS® certification course and GYROTONIC® Level II course from him as well. 


Hsiao-Fang Lee teaches all levels of clients and also conducts teacher training courses here in the United States as well as in Bali, China and Taiwan.